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The Value of Intelligent Operations

智能操作is the most efficient pathway to get to Operational Excellence. Because Operational Excellence delivers greater value by enabling organizations to outperform their competition, the business case for engaging in a transformative project is based on both value protection and value extraction. In the end, OE drives predictable production with the focus on meeting customer and project commitments.


Value Extraction versus Value Protection with Operational Sustainability®

We begin our sprint assessment process to identify some quick wins early on that can be executed in the short-term. While some of the short-term opportunities focus on价值保护, many of the more strategic opportunities require an interoperable model that enablesvalue extraction. Software vendors without the deep domain expertise of OS often present value strategies solely focused on value protection, while consultants without implementable solutions often focus solely on value extraction. The OS approach to价值工程是一个端到端的愿景,捕捉到这两个机会并最大限度地提高您的业务价值。


Value Protection versus Value Extraction: What’s the Difference?


Value extraction focuses on gaining efficiency, applying resources for maximum impact, and optimizing production. Value extraction can deliver a positive actual value and a positive perceived value as well, but is most effective when applied in tandem with value protection to create a solid foundation for efficiency initiatives. In most cases,transformationefforts are often value extraction initiatives.

Operational Sustainability®了解两种方法和全面检查您的组织,以便保护,提取和创造价值的机会。然后,我们帮助您定义机会及其对您组织的潜在影响,以及时间,资源和结果。

Graph that shows Automation Efforts (Value Protection) and Transformation Effects (Value Extraction)

Interoperability Drives Transformation

The key to long-term value creation that encompasses both value protection and value extraction is to re-architect with interoperability as a focus. The result is enhanced efficiency and improved speed of decisions. Without interoperability, it is nearly impossible to eliminate redundant sources of truth, leading to inefficiency, data and decision silos, and poor compliance outcomes. The OESuite®软件平台是一家卓越的软件解决方案,旨在提供近实时乐动体育英超合作伙伴操作见解,设施和系统可见性,在每个级别的数据驱动决策支持,以及每个部门的性能指标。



So, how does the interconnected nature of interoperability actually work to deliver value? Interoperability creates a performance management framework that ensures you’re monitoring performance through the lens of intelligent operations. That means you’re actively measuring and benchmarking againstmetrics that matter in your value chain. OS collects and analyzes your data focused in these areas.


Enterprise Strategy

At its heart, performance management is how you know if you got where you intended to go, based on the metrics (measuring stick) you determined were valid when you began your journey. Intelligent Operations provides the roadmap for that journey, and our advisors help you along the way to keep you on track and focused on the destination of Operational Excellence.

What Is the Value Engineering Process?

While each organization is unique, over time and experience, we’ve honed a value engineering process that works to ensure our projects start off with a strong value proposition, a roadmap for success, and clear objectives tied to the business case.

The 4 steps in the Value Engineering Process are: 1. Info. Review; 2. Interviews; 3. Site visit; 4. Workshop

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