Digitizing, Diversifying & Decarbonizing.
Is it time to redefine Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence. What does it mean in today’s business climate?

The global pandemic and economic crisis has put an even stronger emphasis on the importance of operational excellence.Yet as oil and gas companies respond and adapt to the new normal, many are redefining what operational excellence means to them. WhileOperational Excellence is still about having efficient, safe and agile operations...

Its also about being resilient in the face of disruption.
About having an engaged,empowered workforce.
About being a trailblazer for Net Zero.

Now in its 13th year, the Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Executive Summit brings together over 100 senior level executives to theNorris Conference Center November 1-3, 2022. Innovators like壳牌, Equinor, Chevron, Plains All American, Delekand more will each sharetheir own transformation journey including crucial insights on how to:

    • Tie operational excellence to business strategy
    • Ensure your workforce does not get left behind by closing the skills gap
    • Unlock new value fast by zeroing in on the most promising operational Iinnovation opportunities
    • Leverage digital tools to help your ESG agenda
    • Understand the connection between organizational optimization and profitability
    • Leverage connected worker tools to keep your frontline workers safe, mobile and efficient
    • Enhance operational resilience and build a culture of operational excellence
    • Build cyber security consciousness and discipline among your employees and contractors
    • Improve current processes and streamline your operations to meet today’s environmental regulations and achieve sustainability goals
    • Make your data mobile and reduce rework, non-productive time and time to decision
    • Create a high reliability culture

2021 Industry Leading Speakers:


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A Word From Our Attendees